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Whippets are generally quiet and gentle dogs, and may be content to spend much of the day resting.
Although especially attached to their owners, they are friendly to visitors. Because of their friendly
nature, whippets are known to have been used in aged care facilities.[citation needed] They may bark or
jump when strangers arrive but are not suited to being guard dogs, in the opinion of some, although they
would defend their master and/or family against any intruder.

Unlike some other breeds, male whippets are as easy to housebreak as females. Females can be a little
more complex, moody and strong-willed. Males tend to be one to two inches taller and three to six
pounds heavier than females.

Whippets are not well-adapted for living in a kennel, or as outside dogs. Their short coats do not provide
insulation to withstand prolonged periods in cold temperatures. Their natural attachment to people
makes them happiest when kept indoors. They are most at home in the company of their owners—in
their lap or lying next to them on the lounge. Whippets are quiet and thus well suited to apartment life,
although like all dogs they need regular, healthy exercise. The chance to run free in open spaces should
be made available to the whippet; however care should be taken with whippets on the street as it is
difficult to instill any sort of traffic sense into them.

Whippets are excellent hunting dogs for small game, which comes from their original role as providers of
meat for the table.

Whippets have been called a "poor man's racehorse." As their heritage would suggest, whippets are
outstanding running dogs and are top competitors in lure coursing, straight racing, and oval track racing.
Typically in these events, a temporary track and lure system is set up. The lure is usually a white plastic
trash bag, sometimes in conjunction with a "squawker" to simulate a sort of prey sound or with a small
piece of animal pelt. With the advent of new methods in motivational obedience training being used,
whippets are becoming successful obedience dogs. Many enjoy flyball and agility.
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