Welsh Terrier


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The Welsh Terrier has a typical terrier temperament. In the right hands, it is a happy, lively, and
seldom shy or timid dog, but sometimes can have an attitude. The Welsh Terrier is generally friendly
with people and dogs but when a challenge is perceived, he will not back down. Dogs of this breed
can be devoted friends and can function either as city dogs or as country dogs.

Welsh Terriers were developed to hunt independently and this required that they be very assertive
and stoic dogs. As a consequence, developing obedience in a Welsh Terrier is a long term
proposition and one has to constantly work on and reinforce the training. They rank 53th in Stanley
Coren's The Intelligence of Dogs, being of average working/obedience intelligence. This, however,
does not mean that Welsh Terriers fail to learn or understand commands, just that they tend to make
their own decisions; thus the need for constant reinforcement. When acting on their own, they are
quite creative and quick in decision making.

A Welsh Terrier is full of energy and requires regular exercise. A run around the yard during the day
is insufficient. They become yappy, and if bored, they may explore and potentially cause mischief
and damage. Welsh Terriers need a challenge to keep them entertained. For example, they love
chasing toys and love swimming (a good example would be lake activities with their families).

Welsh Terriers get along well with children; they love to play and follow a child as it plays, however,
they will often tug at pant legs and can knock young ones off their feet. If they are around young
children at an early age, they will easily learn to play more gently.

As with all breeds, it is important to socialize Welsh Terriers as early as possible to a wide range of
dogs, people, and experiences.
The handsome black and tan terrier of
Wales, the Welsh Terrier is a smart and
sensible member of the terrier family who
offers owners charm and personality in
abundance. Like their loyal, fearless
hunting dogs, Welsh Terrier owners are
strongly devoted to their happy, responsive
dogs. For an experienced dog person, the
Welsh is biddable and obedient, though, for
the novice, the breed may be too bright (or
stubborn) to handle. This is a practical
companion dog looking for a like-minded
owner to appreciate all his vistures. Welsh
owners think as highly of their dogs as the
dogs think of themselves! Blessed with a
strong constitution and hardy health, the
Welsh promises many quality years for the
right dedicated owners.

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