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From adolescence, a Weimaraner requires extensive exercise in keeping with an energetic hunting dog
breed prized for their physical endurance and stamina. No walk is too far, and they will appreciate games
and play in addition. An active owner is more likely to provide the vigorous exercising, games, or running
that this breed absolutely requires. Weimaraners are high-strung and often wear out their owners,
requiring appropriate training to learn how to calm them and to help them learn to control their behavior.
Owners need patience and consistent, firm yet kind training, as this breed is particularly rambunctious
during the first year and a half of its life. This breed is known for having a penchant for stealing food from
table and counter tops whenever given the chance. Like many breeds, untrained and unconfined young
dogs often create their own fun when left alone, such as chewing house quarters and furniture. Thus,
many that are abandoned have behavioural issues as a result of isolation and inferior exercise.

Weimaraners are generally good with children, but may not be appropriate for smaller children due to their
tendency to knock a child down in the course of play. They also may knock over elderly people or children
by accident. Early training to sit through positive reinforcement is critical to prevent jumping in the future.

It should never be forgotten that the Weimaraner is a hunting dog and therefore has a strong, instinctive
prey drive. Weimaraners will sometimes tolerate cats, as long as they are introduced to the cats as
puppies, but many will chase and frequently kill almost any small animal that enters their garden or
backyard. In rural areas, most Weimaraners will not hesitate to chase deer or sheep.

This breed of dog tends to be very stubborn. However, with good training, these instincts can be curtailed
to some degree. A properly trained Weimaraner is a companion that will never leave its master's side. The
Weimaraner has been given the nickname "Velcro Dog", as when once acclimated to its owner, sticks to its
owner at all times. Many Weimaraners tend to lean on their owner when sitting or standing, and most will
insist on sleeping on their owner's bed unless trained otherwise.
The famed "gray ghost" of the dog world,
the Weimaraner is a robust, proud hunting
dog of German origin. As a family dog, the
Weimaraner is protective and affectionate;
as a sporting dog, he is multi-talented and
highly trainable; and as a show dog, he is
aristocratic and eye-catching. The "gray
ghost" has fascinated dog lovers for
centuries and continues to be a distinctive
companion animal, revered for both his
friendly disposition and his natural
aptitude as a watchdog.

This book provides the much-needed
factual information about Weimaraners
and their ancestry, character and
standard, as well as puppy selection,
feeding, training and preventative health
care. The new owner will welcome advice
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for the pup’s arrival, housebreaking and
preventing puppy problems.

In addition to an authoritative,
comprehensive text written by an
experienced breeder and fancier, this
book presents over 135 photographs in
full color, which prove to be as informative
as they are attractive. Helpful hints and
important information are highlighted to
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reader needs to know about life with a
Weim from puppyhood to the senior years.
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An indispensable medical reference for
every dog-owning household. Written by
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