Norwegian Elkhound


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Norwegian Elkhounds are bred for hunting large game, such as wolf, bear and moose. Although the
breed is strong and hardy, the dogs typically have an inseparable bond with their masters and are
quite loyal. All Elkhounds have a sharp loud bark which makes them suitable as watchdogs.

Norwegian Elkhounds are loyal to their "pack" and make excellent family dogs if given proper attention.
It is bold, playful, independent, alert, extremely intelligent, and, at times, a bit boisterous. They rank
36th in Stanley Coren's The Intelligence of Dogs, being of above average working/obedience
intelligence. This is a dog ready for adventure and is happiest if that adventure takes place outdoors
in cold weather. It needs daily exercise, lest it become frustrated or even destructive. It is an
exceptionally friendly breed. If untrained, it tends to pull when on leash. This dog needs attention for it
to understand its place within the family (or the pack), else it may develop social problems and feel
neglected. This is a very proud and noble breed that can easily have its feelings hurt if its owner
deserts his or her allegiance or duty. An inevitable bond will develop between the dog's family, master,
or pack, and if there is disloyalty, the dog will definitely feel it and be hurt. Although each dog is an
individual, they generally are very gentle and get along great with children. They are happiest when
they feel that they are part of the family. This, combined with their very loud bark, makes them a good

Norwegian Elkhounds can be challenging to train because of their intelligence and deep independent
streak, but they are acceptable obedience dogs, good-natured, and very understandable in their
learning and training. For example, if they fail to "come" because there is something of greater interest
in the other direction, they can be quick to learn the importance of the command if taught correctly but
they are a willful breed and may never "come" on command. They can be wonderful in agility and are
particularly good tracking dogs.
One of the world's most ancient pure-bred
dogs, the Norwegian Elkhound once
trotted alongside the sea-faring Vikings as
they voyaged through the Old World.
Marked by its boldly energetic personality,
the Elkhound of Norway proves to be a
versatile companion and hunting dog,
whose varied quarry included elk,
reindeer, bear and game birds.

Today the Elkhound is prized for its
natural beauty, friendly temperament and
independence of character. This is a
dignified Spitz breed that has opinions of
its own, many clever and curious ways,
and distinct voice to express them all. For
the confident, active owner, the Elkhound
makes a delightful companion dog.

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