Neapolitan Mastiff


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The Neapolitan Mastiff is fearless and extremely protective of its home and family. They prefer
to be with their family and to remain in and around the home at all times. The Neapolitan Mastiff
rarely barks unless under provocation, renowned for sneaking up on intruders as opposed to
first alerting them of their presence.

Neos, as a breed, are extremely intelligent dogs with a tendency to be independent thinkers.
They learn quickly, which is both good and bad, since this guardian breed needs extensive
proper socialization to learn to accept strangers, especially within the home; without proper
early socialization and training, these dogs are likely to become aggressive towards strangers
and unfamiliar dogs. Like with other breeds, forceful training methods, "alpha roles", and a
general "dominance" mentality will not work with these dogs, especially since it is difficult to try
to physically dominate a dog that is as large as an adult; if you want a well mannered dog,
prevent problems before they happen by using positive training methods, beginning socializing
early, and continuing socializing throughout life.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is not a breed for most people, and certainly not a dog for beginners.
Neapolitans must be well socialized with people, especially children, as Neos are
large, powerful dogs and do not always know their own strength. Additionally, young children
have young friends, and even with extensive socialization and training, Neapolitans will be wary
of strangers and protective of their family, which can be disastrous for small children.

Additional protection training is unnecessary because they are natural guard dogs and always
have been. As with every breed, obedience training is very important. The Mastino is very
tolerant of pain due to the breed's early fighting background and the fact the skin is loose on
the body, so it is important to routinely check for health problems, as a Neo may not behave
differently when injured or ill. They also are renowned for drooling especially after drinking or if
they get excited. Their temperament and protective instincts are noticeably sharper as
compared to allied "heavy molosser" breeds such as the Dogue de Bordeaux, the English
Mastiff, the Mastín Españ̃ol etc. and therefore they have been used as a breed component in
the development of many modern protection breeds such as the Swinford Bandog (also known
as the American Bandog Mastiff) and others. This breed is not particularly dog-aggressive, but
males are known to be very dominant and, at times, confrontational.
This is the only book of its kind dedicated to
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Given the limited amount of information
available on the breed, this new book offers
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Mastiff reliable, accurate information to help
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Mastiff are unlike that of any other breed, the
keeper of a Neo must be properly informed and
prepared to live with and care for this breed.

Written by breed expert Carol Paulsen, this
Special Limited Edition provides the necessary
facts about acquiring a puppy, ownership,
housebreaking, training and behavior
modification. In addition to an extremely
authoritative text, this book features over 135
photographs in full color that are as informative
as they are attractive. Helpful hints and
important information are highlighted to provide
easy access to everything the reader needs to
know about life with a Neapolitan Mastiff from
puppyhood to the senior years.
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