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The Korean Jindo Dog is well known for its unwavering loyalty and gentle nature. Because
of this, there is a misconception that a Jindo will be loyal only to its first owner or the
owner they bonded to when young. However, there are many examples of older Jindos
being adopted out of shelters in the United States and becoming very loyal friends to their
new owners. They are highly active and are certainly not indoor-only dogs. Jindo dogs
need reasonable space to roam and run. Jindos require a lot of care and attention. If kept
in a yard, the fencing must be at least 6 feet high due to their strong hind legs that enable
them to jump high.

Because the Jindo is an active and intelligent dog, it requires frequent interaction with
people or another dog in the family. For some the Jindo may even be too intelligent, for it
will commonly think for itself. The same intelligence that allows the dog to learn commands
and tricks very quickly can be a bit too much to handle. If left alone for a long stretch, it
finds its own entertainment. A young Jindo may attempt to climb over a fence or wall, even
by way of a tree or digging under, or tear up the house if confined indoors. Because of
this many Jindo dogs are found in animal shelters, abandoned by owners who often did
not know what they were getting into when accepting the responsibility of a Jindo.

Jindos serve as excellent watchdogs, able to distinguish family from foe, friends from
strangers. The Korean Army is known to use Jindos as guard dogs at major bases.
Because Jindos rarely bark aggressively, especially in familiar environments, an owner
may lend special credence to the warning of his/her pet. Many Jindos do not take any
food from anyone other than their owners.

Some Jindos display a curious aversion from running water and avoid situations that
might get them wet. They let themselves be washed, although with great reluctance.
Some may even be afraid of going out in the rain, which could lead to some difficulties.

People adopt Jindo dogs because of their beautiful appearance, high intelligence, loyalty,
and sometimes for their fighting spirit, then quickly realize that raising a Jindo dog to be a
well-behaved member of the family takes a lot of effort and time. Potential owners who are
prepared and determined to have an intelligent, loyal, but independent companion can
adopt a Jindo dog from shelters.
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