Giant Schnauzer


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The Giant Schnauzer is a great dog if one is looking for a playful yet guarding protector[citation needed].
For those who like the large dogs, the size of the Giant can be very discouraging for any would-be offender,
but it is not necessarily a Gentle Giant as say the Great Dane. Some tend to have a herding instinct at a
young age so it is best to teach puppies or younger dogs to not nip or mouth at all. In many cases it has led
to the dog going straight back to the breeder or worse, a shelter. Some Giants can be aggressive, but that
is common with all Schnauzers. Poorly socialized dogs will have themselves a problem of a large dog
unwelcoming of house guests and showing aggression towards other dogs. Some have even shown
aggression to just female sexes.

This is a working breed and such requires some amount of exercise or troubling behaviors may occur to
relinquish that bored state they may have. A good jog or a let loose in a park with other dogs and maybe a
water source will give the owner a well-mannered and tired friend coming home. They are a water breed,
which means unless the owner wants to give a bath after their dog has been soaking in a well filled ditch or
pond, proper training will be needed or Giants will jump head first into any body of water to swim and even
drink. They are not a breed that will take off the moment one lets them off the leash. Some will even turn
back mid-stride to make sure their owner is near and may even turn back if too far away. This is not to say
to let a dog off in an open park as there are of course risks, especially with leash laws, but they are a
distinguishing breed than most that would take off and not look back. Using caution will minimize the risk.

The Giant has received four stars out of five on protection. They're usually a very alert dog. This is a dog
who loves to give and get affection from the family. But understand firm training is needed, otherwise this
affectionate nature may lead to people aggression if not properly socialized. This is not a dog to stick in the
backyard and leave it at that. Acquaintances, friends and even family members can find themselves on the
wrong end of the Giant's massive mouth which will lead to much bigger legal problems. Proper training and
socialization will suffice. Be wary of possible domineering attitudes. It is an uncommon occurrence, however.
The Giant Schnauzer is a powerful breed that demands a steady, yet very gentle hand and with proper
leadership, this large breed can not only be a couch companion and jogging partner, but a loyal and a not
too overprotective friend that will take a bullet for its owner.

They can be a bit rambunctious for small children.
Breed Specific Products
Cutting an impression of imposing power and
unmistakable style, the Giant Schnauzer is
revered as a bold and dependable guard dog,
an adaptable working dog and a good-natured,
handsome family dog. One of Germany’s many
auspicious contributions to the dog world, the
Schnauzers, of which the Giant is the largest,
possess distinctive facial furnishings, a blunt-
wedged muzzle and an alert, reliable
temperament. For the family desiring a
protector and companion, the Giant Schnauzer
ranks among the best possible choices.

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