Doberman Pinscher


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Although they are considered to be working dogs,Doberman Pinschers are the target of a mistaken stereotype
of ferocity and aggression. As a personal protection dog, the Doberman was originally bred for these traits:  it
had to be large and intimidating, fearless and willing to defend its owner, but sufficiently obedient and restrained
to only do so on command. These traits served the dog well in its role as a personal defense dog, police dog or
war dog, but were not ideally adapted to a companionship role. In recent decades, the Doberman Pinscher's
size, short coat, and intelligence made it a desirable house dog. Although these dogs are mistaken for their
aggression, they are extremely loyal. They can easily learn to 'Respect and Protect' their owners, however they
do not adapt well to new masters.

In response, they are excellent guard dogs that protect their loved ones. They are generally sociable towards
humans and can be with other dogs, ranking among the more-likely breeds to show aggressive behaviour
toward strangers and other dogs but not among the most likely. They are very unlikely to show aggressive
behaviour towards their owners.

There is evidence that Doberman Pinschers in North America are calmer than their European counterparts
because of these breeding strategies.  Because of these differences in breeding strategies, different lines of
Doberman Pinschers have developed different traits. Although many contemporary Doberman Pinschers in
North America are gentle, loyal, loving, and intelligent dogs, some lines are bred more true to the original
personality standard.

Although the stereotype is largely mistaken, the personality of the Doberman Pinscher is peculiar to the breed.
There is a great deal of scientific evidence that Doberman Pinschers have a number of stable psychological
traits, such as personality factors and intelligence. As early as 1965, studies have shown that there are several
broad behavioral traits that significantly predict behavior and are genetically determined. Subsequently, there
have been numerous scientific attempts to quantify canine personality or temperament by using statistical
techniques for assessing personality traits in humans. These studies often vary by identifying different
personality factors, and by ranking breeds differently along these dimensions. One such study found that
Doberman Pinschers, compared to other breeds, rank high in playfulness, average in curiosity/fearlessness, low
on aggressiveness and low on sociability.  Another such study ranked Doberman Pinschers low on
reactivity/surgence, and high on aggression/disagreeableness and openness/trainability.
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