Australian Shepherd



The breed is typically highly energetic, requiring a great deal of exercise and attention..Sometimes they
can be calm and easy-going. An Australian shepherd enjoys working, whether it is learning and practicing
tricks, competing in dog agility, or engaging in any other physically and mentally involving activity.

Dogs may show reserved and cautious guarding behaviors. They are kind, loving, and devoted to those
they know. They are very loyal to their owners, and are rewarding dogs if treated well.[8] Because the
breed was developed to serve on the ranch, a job which includes being protective of its property, it is
inclined to bark warnings about neighborhood activity, but it is not an obsessively barking dog.

The Aussie is intelligent, learns quickly, and loves to play. This means that a bored, neglected,
unexercised Aussie may invent its own games, activities, and jobs, which to a busy owner might appear to
be hyperactivity: for example, an Aussie may go from being at rest to running at top speed for several
'laps' around the house before returning to rest. Without something to amuse them, Aussies can become
destructive. Aussies also do best with plenty of human companionship: they are often called "velcro" for
their strong desire to always be near their owners and for their tendency to form intense, devoted bonds
with select people.

The Australian shepherd has a reputation as a highly intelligent and versatile stock dog with a range of
working styles. A good working Aussie is quick, thoughtful, and easy with its stock. The ability for the breed
to adapt to the situation and think for itself makes it an excellent all-around worker. For this reason the
Aussie is often chosen to work unusual livestock such as ducks, geese, and commercially raised rabbits.

Australian shepherds can become extremely destructive if their energy is not directed in a positive way.
These dogs require a minimum of 2–3 hours a day of play, exercise, and attention. The dogs thrive in
rural, ranch like conditions, and need space to run and play in an urban setting. The Australian shepherd
is a high spirited dog, that requires much attention and work. Teaching them tricks keeps them focused
and happy, which also keeps their mind working. The breed also has great stamina and can live in a
variety of terrain. That's why they are a popular pick as trail dogs and working dogs.
As handsome as he is talented, the Australian Shepherd has fast become one of America’
s most popular dogs, and that is no surprise to those who know him. Engaging and
talented, the Australian Shepherd proves exceptionally intelligent and versatile. Admired
for his natural beauty, eye-catching coloration, abundant coat and boundless herding
skills (from geese to bison), the Australian Shepherd requires an equally active and
involved owner if he is to blossom into the spectacular companion dog he is intended to

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